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Red-bellied black snake

What to do in the event you see a snake.

If you see a snake around your home, below you will find some simple steps and guidelines to follow:
  • Please Don't panic!! This is the most important thing. Snakes are a lot more scared of us than we are of them. If you have seen a snake it is likely it has seen you too. In the majority of cases snakes will retreat to nearby cover but on occasion will lay still in hope you will go away. Snakes will not attempt to attack or make a deliberate motion towards you unless of course they are provoked.
  • Please try and keep an eye on the snake. If you are wanting us to try and Identify the snake for you then please take a photo with a camera or your phone and send it through to us. Majority of species found in the region will usually head for cover if they see you or feel threatened. For identification of snakes in our region go to our snake id web page Snake Identification and Information.
  • Keep pets and people as far away from the snake as possible. If the snake is inside your home/workplace it is important that you keep an eye on the snake as best as you can whilst maintaining a safe distance. If the snake enters a secure room like a bedroom you can close the door and roll a towel up and put it along the bas of the door to isolate the snake in their until we arrive. Remember 95% of snake bites occur when someone is deliberately trying to catch or kill the snake. I is illegal to kill snakes so please just leave them alone and give them the respect they deserve.
  • Snakes that are seen outside in your yard may move on by themselves if you give them time. Usually if there is a highly venomous snake in your yard like an Eastern Brown Snake or a Red Bellied Black snake we recommend having them relocated especially if you have young kids or pets. Please be sure to save our number so that if you need it in an emergency it can be easily found. 0409 536 000
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  • Red-bellied Black Snake
  • Coastal arpet Python
  • Common Tree Snake
  • Brown Tree Snake
  • Yellow-faced Whip Snake
  • Small-eyed Snake
  • keelback Snake
  • White-crowned Snake
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